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Post-operative Instructions

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the current protocol for Dr. Christoforetti’s hip arthroscopy patients. As your friend or family member recovers from hip arthroscopy, your role is an essential one. Thank you for your kindness and dedication! These are general guidelines and are not intended to substitute for the skilled instruction and individual adjustments required in a typical post-surgical recovery process.

General Instructions

Patients return to Dr. Christoforetti’s office the day after surgery for a check-up and then physical therapy is initiated that day (1st day after surgery).

Hip arthroscopy involves making small incisions in the skin and slightly larger ones in the ligament capsule surrounding the hip joint. The postoperative leg positioners, hip brace, and CPM (Continuous Passive Motion machine) are designed to initiate the healing of the deep incisions properly.

Dr. Christoforetti believes that early and skilled physical therapy and the one-on-one involvement of a caregiver combine to produce an optimal recovery.

Your efforts in assisting the patient with therapy and proper leg positioning WILL greatly impact their outcome in a positive way!

Patient Position?

All hip arthroscopy patients are to be on their backs in bed for the first postoperative night - no prone (stomach) or side-lying sleeping during night 1!

The normal (unaffected) leg should have thigh-high TED hose on, at all times.

Hip arthroscopy patients should lie on their bellies with their legs flat on the bed for 20 minutes in a row 3 times each day for the first 2 weeks after surgery.

Abduction Cylinder & Boots

The Breg© hip cylinder and boots must always be worn while in bed and NOT in CPM unit. The feet are placed in the black boots. The cylinder should be placed between the feet with the white foam surface against the mattress. The correct foot position is a toes-up position. The Velcro straps should be applied around the midfoot of the boot and attached to the black cylinder.

Hip Brace Use

All hip arthroscopy patients are pre-fit for a hip brace by a representative in the office. The brace is set to allow full hip extension and 90 degrees of hip flexion. The brace is to be worn whenever the patient is not in the CPM device or during formal physical therapy sessions.

Brace application: apply the padded waist strap around the torso just above the level of the pelvic brim. Attach the thigh straps to the surgical thigh loosely, allowing the strap to maintain contact around the whole thigh, but with enough slack to easily slide one finger between the strap and the thigh.

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