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Board Certification


Dr. Peter Fitzgibbons is board certified in orthopedic surgery with fellowship training in Hand and Upper Extremity and Trauma. Dr. James Gardiner, Dr. Christopher Raffo, and Dr. Christoforetti are board certified with Sports Medicine Specialty fellowship training. Dr. Feldman is a Board Certified foot and ankle Podiatrist.

Board certification is a voluntary process that’s different from a medical license. While every physician has to have a medical license to see patients, board-certified doctors choose to engage in a rigorous learning experience that establishes their expertise in a given medical discipline. If a physician is board certified, their peers have recognized that they possess a high level of knowledge and skill concerning their specialty.

The board certification process helps patients by setting standards for the best possible care, and ensuring that only the most qualified physicians receive this prestigious title. With a board-certified physician, you'll receive care guided by compassion, a commitment to ongoing education, and a dedication to excellence.

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