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Ankle Arthroscopy

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Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery used to diagnose and treat ankle problems. At Maryland Orthopedic Specialists in Bethesda, Germantown, and Rockville, Maryland, the orthopedic surgeons have extensive training in ankle arthroscopy. They use it to treat many conditions, including ankle fractures, ankle instability, and tendon injuries. Call today or schedule your ankle arthroscopy consultation online.

Ankle Arthroscopy Q & A

What should I know about ankle arthroscopy?

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. For the procedure, your surgeon uses an arthroscope (a thin, flexible tube with a light and camera) to examine the internal parts of your ankle, looking for damage that needs repair.

Ankle arthroscopy allows your orthopedic surgeon to perform surgery through smaller incisions, lowering the possibility of pain after surgery and shortening your recovery.

I have ankle pain. Do I need ankle arthroscopy?

The Maryland Orthopedic Specialists team determines if you need ankle arthroscopy after a consultation. If you suffer from ankle pain and conservative care fails to improve your symptoms, the team could recommend arthroscopy to determine why you continue to have problems.

The skilled orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons also use ankle arthroscopy to treat ankle conditions that include:

  • Ankle instability from an ankle sprain
  • Torn ligaments or tendons
  • Ankle impingement (swelling of the ankle from overuse)
  • Arthritis

They also use ankle arthroscopy to treat scar tissue and remove loose fragments of bone or cartilage in the ankle joint.

What happens during ankle arthroscopy?

The Maryland Orthopedic Specialists team personalizes your ankle arthroscopy procedure, reviewing its details with you so that you know what to expect. You’re given a general anesthetic so that you sleep during the procedure.

Your surgeon makes a small incision at your ankle to insert the arthroscope, which transmits images of your ankle joint onto a computer screen. Using these images, your surgeon finds the problem in the joint and makes additional small incisions to insert surgical instruments to repair it.

You go to the recovery area following surgery. Most patients go home the same day.

What can I expect during recovery from ankle arthroscopy?

Recovery following your ankle arthroscopy depends on your diagnosis and which surgery is needed. However, the team recommends you take it easy following the ankle arthroscopy and avoid putting weight on the ankle during recovery.

It can take several weeks, sometimes months, to recover from ankle arthroscopy.

Maryland Orthopedic Specialists provides expert orthopedic care using the most up-to-date tools and techniques. Call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about ankle arthroscopy for your ankle condition.