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Foot And Ankle Fractures

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Foot and ankle fractures can happen anytime and always require expert care for proper healing. The highly skilled team of orthopedic surgeons at Maryland Orthopedic Specialists in Bethesda, Germantown, and Rockville, Maryland, includes foot and ankle physicians specializing in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle fractures. Call today or schedule an appointment online for comprehensive care of your foot or ankle fracture.

Foot and Ankle Fractures Q & A

What should I know about foot and ankle fractures?

Foot and ankle fractures are breaks in one or more foot or ankle bones. Many types of fractures affect the foot and ankle, including:

Stable fracture

A stable fracture means you have a crack in the bone, but the bones are barely out of place, making it easier to realign them for healing.

Compound fracture

A compound fracture is when the bone in the foot or ankle pierces through the skin. This type of fracture requires immediate medical care because it comes with a risk of infection.

Transverse fracture

A transverse fracture means you have a horizontal break in the bone.

Comminuted fracture

If you have a comminuted fracture, your bone is shattered or broken into three or more pieces.

Stress fracture

Stress fractures are hairline breaks in the bone that occur from overuse. This is a common foot fracture.

Maryland Orthopedic Specialists treat all foot, heel, and ankle fractures. Heel fractures are especially concerning because they usually require surgery.

I have pain in my foot. How do I know I have a foot or ankle fracture?

Pain at the site of the broken bone is a common symptom of a foot and ankle fracture. However, pain can occur from any foot or ankle problem, like a sprain or tendon injury.

If you think you've broken your foot or ankle, schedule a consultation at Maryland Orthopedic Specialists for an evaluation or go to the nearest emergency room. Fractures need immediate medical attention to ensure proper healing.

How are foot and ankle fractures treated?

How a foot and ankle fracture is treated depends on how severe the break is. For a stable or stress fracture, the team at Maryland Orthopedic Specialists will use a cast or walking boot to immobilize the bone so that it can heal.

For more complex fractures, like compound or comminuted fractures, the team often resorts to surgery to realign the bones, using pins, screws, or plates to keep them in place while they heal.

Once stable enough, the Maryland Orthopedic Specialists team sends you to physical therapy to restore foot and ankle strength. Foot and ankle fractures can take several weeks, even months, to heal.

Call Maryland Orthopedic Specialists today or use the online scheduling tool to schedule your foot or ankle fracture consultation.