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Scar tissue, soft tissue injuries, and fascial restrictions can prevent you from getting back in the game and performing at your best. With the Graston TechniqueⓇ, physical therapists use specialized instruments to manipulate tissue and heal injuries. To see how this technique can accelerate your healing, visit The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics: Maryland Orthopedic Specialists Division. With locations in Bethesda, Rockville, and Germantown, Maryland, an expert team of orthopedic specialists and physical therapists can support your path toward a healthy, mobile body. Call or book an appointment online now to get started.

Graston Technique Q & A

What is the Graston Technique?

The Graston Technique (GT) is a unique form of physical therapy in which your physical therapist uses small, stainless steel instruments with specialized edges to manually manipulate damaged soft tissues. The technique can help heal lesions and fascial restrictions without drugs or surgery.

The Graston Technique is effective for a wide range of injuries and physical ailments, including:

  • Trigger points: hard knots in your muscles that can cause radiating pain over a large area
  • Tendinopathy: inflammation and micro-tears in a tendon
  • Ankle pain: Achilles tendonitis
  • Back or neck pain: including injuries or trauma to the lumbar or cervical spine

The Graston Technique can also address pain related to chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. And it’s especially helpful in treating scar tissue, which can lead to chronic pain and limited movement.

What happens during a Graston Technique session?

Your physical therapist first uses the GT instruments to detect where you have soft tissue lesions or scar tissue by combing them over your body.

The instruments “catch” on areas where you have problematic tissue or knots. Your physical therapist then uses the instruments in the same combing motion to massage and treat the affected areas manually.

While GT treatment is not designed to cause pain, some patients may experience minor discomfort as the tissue is manipulated, depending on the severity of their condition. Despite this discomfort, the therapy is highly effective in treating injuries and helping you get back on the road to recovery.

What are the benefits of the Graston Technique?

Research shows the Graston Technique produces beneficial outcomes in 75-90% of cases. When compared with drugs or surgery, the therapy is an affordable and effective way to help restore function, reduce pain, and improve mobility in people with acute or chronic injuries.

The Graston Technique is part of standard orthopedic protocols in many hospital-based outpatient centers and is used by orthopedic specialists in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB.

To schedule a personalized consultation and find out how the Graston Technique can help your recovery, call the office or book an appointment online.