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Shoulder Surgery Specialist

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Shoulder surgery isn’t nearly as invasive as it was years ago, so it isn’t something you need to stress about. The dedicated practitioners at The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics: Maryland Orthopedic Specialists Division in Bethesda, Rockville, and Germantown, Maryland care for you every step of the way. Maryland’s top orthopedic surgeons, Christopher S. Raffo, MD, and James S. Gardiner, MD, are board-certified and have extensive training in the most advanced, minimally invasive shoulder surgery techniques. If you have shoulder pain or discomfort, schedule an evaluation by calling either office or booking online.

Shoulder Surgery Q & A

Why would I need shoulder surgery?

Your shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that’s lined with tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and muscles. Because this joint rotates in every direction and often bears a lot of weight, there’s lots of room for injury or wear-and-tear damage. You might need shoulder surgery to help with:

  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Labral repairs
  • AC joint issues
  • Arthritis treatment

In some cases, shoulder surgery is necessary to diagnose the source of shoulder pain when the cause isn’t clear from imaging tests. If your surgeon notices something during a diagnostic arthroscopic shoulder procedure, they can often repair the issue during the same surgery.

Nearly all shoulder surgeries are minimally invasive, using modern arthroscopic techniques, so you don’t have to worry about an extended recovery time.

Is shoulder surgery an arthroscopic procedure?

Dr. Raffo and Dr. Gardiner strive to use arthroscopic techniques whenever possible. Both doctors have extensive training in arthroscopic shoulder surgeries.

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is the preferred method — as opposed to traditional open surgery — because you only need a few short incisions. This decreases your risk of blood loss and infection and helps you have a shorter recovery period.

Do I need physical therapy after shoulder surgery?

Though it depends on your specific procedure, physical therapy is likely after shoulder surgery. Physical therapy helps you build up strength and improve your range of motion while minimizing your risk of future injury. Your physical therapy plan might include:

  • Passive exercises
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Localized massage
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises

Often, your physical therapy plan also includes tailored activities for you to perform each day at home. Dr. Raffo or Dr. Gardiner lets you know ahead of time if you’re going to need physical therapy after surgery so that you can plan accordingly.

Both clinic locations also have teams of expert physical therapists under the same roof, and you can often get started with physical therapy within a week or two after surgery.

If you have shoulder pain or a shoulder injury, book an appointment at The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics: Maryland Orthopedic Specialists Division. You can call either location or book your evaluation online.